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By May 30, 2018Workouts

Take advantage of the rising temps and take the workouts outside with this bodyweight only routine.  If you can’t make it to the beach, simply find a park nearby…and start playin’!

Also – stay tuned in to the “Muscle Beach® – 15 weeks of Summer” blog now through Labor Day for more workouts, pro-tips, Q & A’s and healthy recipes with our supps – and more!

Full Body Calisthenics Outdoor Workout:

Jump Rope

Warmup for 5 minutes jumping rope or substitute with a light 5 minute jog

WORKOUT – 3 sets
Power Ups

This explosive move is perfect for outdoor workouts when you have access to a step,bench, or platform. If you’re just starting out—or don’t have great balance—just drive up your knee while keeping one foot on the platform. If advanced, step it up!

Face the step and place your left foot on the center of the step. Step up by balancing on your left leg with your right knee bent. Drive your right knee up powerfully, and bend while balancing and jumping explosively off the planted foot.

Bring the right foot back down to the ground lightly while keeping the left foot placed on the step for a total of 15 reps, and immediately repeat on other leg.

Traveling Crossover Lunge

Start from standing positon, keep right foot planted, and step your left leg behind you on a diagonal so your thighs cross, bending both knees as if you were curtsying. Make sure your front knee is aligned with your front ankle. Squat as far down as possible, and return to standing position by pressing off the heel of the forward foot the alternate. 20 total each leg

Bear Crawl

Get down on all fours, facing down. Travel forward with hands and feet keeping your knees and butt down, back flat and shoulder back and retracted. 2 Round Trips forward and backwards

Tricep Dips

Hold your body at arm’s length with your arms nearly locked

With legs straight in front of you. Lower yourself downward no further than a 90 degree angle between upper arm and forearm. Your torso should remain upright and your elbows should stay close to your body.  Exhale and push yourself back to the starting position. 12 Reps

Step with Kickback

Face the staircase or step and place your left foot on the center of the step. Step up by balancing on your left leg and kickback the right leg while contracting the glute and holding the position for 3 seconds before alternating to the other foot. 20 each leg

Pike Pushup

Use a ledge, bench, or step and place your feet on your elevated surface and walk your hands in, stacking your hips above your shoulders with your head hanging between your arms. Lower yourself slowly so your head touches the ground, then push back up. Regressions include the standard pushup or placing your hands on a step. 10 reps

Cool down Stretches

Perform full body static stretches for 5 minutes after the workout immediately followed by Muscle Beach® Nutrition 100% All Pro Recovery within 30 mins of the workout. Start the summer off with a bang by building lean muscle safely and effectively!

By: Michele Sotak, Muscle Beach® Nutrition Athlete
Photos by: Viral Season Visuals

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